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As if that wasn't bad enough that enviable perk of being able to meet and party with the bands we mentioned earlier is actually kind of a curse. It turns out that a lot of bands have very specific tastes and demands that must be met before they agree to go out on stage. These lists of requests are called "riders"and can involve tedious tasks such as sorting the band's M&Ms by color. Even after fulfilling all of bizarre stipulations on the list concert promoters are responsible for the band's needs during and after the show as well.So you end up not really hanging out with Aerosmith so much as acting as their servant by delivering their chicken tikka and Indian rugs and pointing them to a local chiropractor. As if they'd really want to hang out with you anyway.Stay-at-Home DadThe Dream:Stay-at-home dads otherwise known as "househusbands" are becoming increasingly more common and accepted in Western society as more women eschew traditional gender roles and obtain independent and lucrative jobs.Compared to stuffy office work or hard labor the seemingly faux responsibilities of keeping the house tidy and the kids fed seems like it'd be a breeze that leaves lots of time for relaxation masturbation and catching up on our soaps.

"I'm in a position to negotiate apparently."Problem is Spidey has been sort of MIA lately. Since it's common knowledge that the only one who can get a hold of him is Peter Parker Doc Ock needs Peter to lure Spider-Man into a trap which he forces him to do by kidnapping Peter's love interest Mary Jane Watson. Very simple.How He Tried to Screw It Up:Doc Ock needs both Peter and Mary Jane to be alive for his plan to work ... and yet nike shoes, when he finds them sitting in a cafe literally the firstthing he does is launch a friggin' car directly at them.But after all of your hard work drenched in sweat and body crevices lined with itchy malt waste you get the distinct pleasure of tasting the sweet ice cold beer that you produced for the final time as it's bottled. Except when it's bottled it's noticeably warm and if there is even a slight variation of the taste from normal the entire batch must be thrown away dooming you to start the whole process all over again. Cheers!#4.Concert Promoter

LEBRON JAMES is the tattooed NBA superstar currently leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to what could be their first championship. At eighteen years of age before he'd even played in his first NBA game James signed and astonishing? $90 MILLION shoe deal with Nike.$90 MILLION is the also amount of money in damages sought by Paltalk Holdings in their lawsuit against Microsoft. The suit which was settled in March 2009 claimed patent infringements over technology appearing in the multiplayer version of the groundbreaking Xbox game HALO.HALO fans know that every version of the game is loaded with Easter eggs whether it be discoverable characters quirky behaviors or simply graffiti written on the cyber scenery. For example a hidden schematic image of Master Chief's armor in the original game references Thor's "Mjolnir" nike jordans, nike jordans, the popular meme "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" and even lyrics from the song "Basket Case" by GREEN DAY.

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