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"If you're over 18 nike shoes, why don't you act like an adult?" That's a quote from one of the most important educational works of our time cheap nike shoes online, Slick Rick's classic single "Hey Young World."It's a deceptively difficult question to answer. Most of us wouldn't be able to because if we're brutally honest with ourselves we know that there are plenty of times when our behavior veers away from what anyone would classify as adult-like. I know I spend a lot more time acting like an entitled 10-year-old than I have any right to at the age of 27 (approximately). You probably do as well even if you don't realize it. That's especially true if you ever find yourself getting angry about any of the petty things listed below.If you're the type of person who enjoys picking apart movies by far the easiest (and most amusing) starting point is to simply rewatch the movie from the villain's perspective. What does the villain actually want? Does the way he's going about it make sense at all? The answers are usually ridiculous.

eanwhile the iPad ushered in the greatest revolution in masturbation since the birth of Internet porn.Of course when you're arguing with someone who's already made up his mind to disagree with you logic only makes him louder. This time they got so loud that Apple's stock droppednearly eight percent. For weeks it was all the Internet was talking about and then with a suddenness that was almost startling the Internet shut the fuck up about the iPhone 4. Jobs had agreed to waive the restocking fee if people wanted to return their phones and nobody returned them.They were too busy playing Plants vs. Zombies.In a rare moment of candor the blog CrunchGear which had been one of the leaders of the scandal dubbed Antennagate posted an apology titled: "We have met Antennagate and it is us"in which they admitted that they were "grasping at factual straws and thrusting them into the faces of everyone we encountered " because "controversy generates traffic." Of course this was a marginally popular post on a site whose most popular iPhone 4-related post is still "The top four iPhone 4 hardware issues so far."

That's the protestor line and cheap nike shoes online, you must admit it sounds pretty heinous. In no civilized nation is death an acceptable punishment for such a petty crime. You're damn right people should protest right? Right except for the part where that's not even a tenth of the actual story.In addition to being a turnstile jumper Harding was also on parole for promoting prostitution. Your Facebook friends playfully refer to this as "pimping." The "ho" in this case was 13 years old. Who still wants to protest for Kenneth? Keep reading if you do.At the time of his death Kenneth Harding was also wanted for questioning in relation to the murder of a 19-year-old woman in the Seattle area. Oh and according to most reports he was shooting at police. That's why they were shooting at him you see. In fact the coroner determined that it was a bullet from Kenneth Harding's own gun that ultimately killed him. And it's not like these are classified details. This is all widely reported.

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