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Pandora (Pandora Greek: Pi alpha Nu delta alpha p; also translated as Pandora) the first woman in Greek mythology Zeus Hephaestus Vulcan or with the clay into the ground the first woman to Plo Michel J stealing fire as punishment for human. Gods also added that she has a more attractive charm. The myth of Pandora has a long history with different versions Pandora Charms, from different perspectives. However in all the literary versions of the myth as natural theology to explain the existence of evil in the world. In the seventh Century BC Hesiod Theogony "in his" (line 570th probably mention without completely out of Pandora's name) and "works and days" (Works and Days) is one of the earliest stories about Pandora's literary works.Zeus (Zeus) the first command fire and smithing god was (Hephaestus) using the synthesis of soil and water mix according to the image of the goddess made a lovely women; To command the goddess of love and beauty Flo di te (Aphrodite) make man crazy on spray fragrance; Wisdom and the craft goddess Athena (officer) taught her to weave make each colour beautiful garments of all kinds of woven and smart wisdom to make women look more bright and attractive; The angel of god Hermes (Hermes) teach her language talent; Then Zeus behind this beautiful image injected malicious source of evil. The gods for her to wear clothes head of appreciating belt (the hair band is vulcan the work of) items with beads and beautiful as the bride. Han Smith advised: "call the woman Pandora (Pandora) is the gift of the gods to all human." The gods are in favor of his proposal. In the ancient Greek pan is all meaning DORA is a gift. The "Pandora" to "have it all talented woman".

Pandora jewellery (chamilia beads) of light and shadow effect is very good thickness and color of the refraction of light from different angles can present a stereo vision effect; Give a person a kind of quiet peaceful inner feelings; Appreciate coloured glaze "breathing" from natural beauty. You can wear the same beading every day but still looks beautiful. Charms are interchangeable usually into the bracelet or have a locking mechanism. Other welding permanent charm bracelet. Pandora bracelets Pandora bracelet charms) is almost always a link in the chain of design make the charm can be easily installed. That's advantages in terms of scale they can easily add or remove links or two completely adapt to your wrist. Measures anywhere from 7 to 13 mm every link. You can buy more distributors also have more communication or installation of the charm. Some traders provides a starter including a link bracelet 5 charm add links a small screwdriver screws hand catenary and bags of box. Charm pandora store, can from different materials but the most popular is between 14 and 24 carat gold and silver. Animal models of some like penguins dolphins or RAM. While others such as women's favorite in the heart the stars the moon and half of the shoes. The charm of men can carry Pandora (Pandora charms) such as golf clubs hat and horses bracelet movement. These are waterproof does not damage or corrosion over time. You can buy from other manufacturers more charm but you must ensure the safety of the charm and properly in the cuff restraint. Some manufacturers like buyers use a unique charm of the development of unique charm is with the main charm bracelet links or attachments.

Denmark international famous brand PANDORA international PANDORA jewelry fashion industry has 30 years of history with strict standards build quality and unique design and reputation. PANDORA's capture the unforgettable moment in life through the concept of "creating and combining" to express everyone's story in personalized jewelry. Jewelry charming appearance and has the general characteristics of the brand it can build custom tags hand catenary and high grade gold and silver rings earrings and necklaces appropriately reflect these characteristics. All jewelry is made by hand many of which has diamonds or precious stones. ANDORA PANDORA pandora store, the founder of the goldsmith for France and Germany sen (Per Enevoldsen) in 1982 with the original idea of combined-type jewelry beautiful design for PANDORA PANDORA worldwide laid a solid foundation for lasting success. PANDORA PANDORA brand center concept is high quality handmade timeless design and attention to detail and will continue to continue. PANDORA PANDORA jewelry has a bright charming Bohemian. It advocates freedom and romantic soul also reflected the for women made by hand the quality target of modern jewelry. This concept is the PANDORA jewelry has been unremitting PANDORA brand core.

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